He Makes all Things New

I’ve kept a blog since I was in high school.I started it soon after I received the sacraments and become a full member of the Catholic Church. This was mainly because I needed some sort of outlet for my life. I’m an external processor, and I’m often struck by the way the good Lord works in my life. And with that I believe we are called to share the way God is working with other. We are not called to walk this life on our own. We need our brothers and sisters to lean on every once in a while.

So as I said before, I’ve kept a blog in the past, but it has been a while since I posted. The blog I was posting on was from when I was in high school. And I felt like it was a time to start something new. I don’t know where this is going to go, but I’m excited to see what happens! So that’s a little bit about this blog — it was time for something new.

One scripture verse that has stuck with me through the college  years is Hosea 2:16 – Therefore I will allure her, I will lead her into the wilderness and speak persuasively to herAs I was creating this I was convicted to title this blog after this verse because reflecting on the past few years I realize that it has been a time where the Lord has lead me into the wilderness, that he has been speaking persuasively to me. The Father has been pursuing my heart, teaching me that I am His beloved daughter, I have a place at his table. He has been teaching me that I will only be satisfied in Him.

To close this post out I want to touch on one more thing, with this topic of newness. I’ve been praying with Lk 5:33-39. Here Jesus talks about how you cannot put new wine into old wineskins because the old wine skins will burst. You see, the Father doesn’t make junk. I’ve been told this 100x over, but a priest said that to me in confession recently and it hit home in a new way. As I’ve been praying with this Gospel passage I’ve been reminded of the reality that God doesn’t just patch us up in our brokenness, no. He takes the old, he takes the broken — he does away with it, and then he makes it new. He makes us new. Each time we go to confession we’re being patched up, we’re being made new. He takes our stoney hearts and gives us hearts of flesh.




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