I Will Give Thanks

I don’t about you, but it seems like this week was extra tough. A lot of my friends had a rough week. Almost everyone I talked to had at least one day that was troublesome to them.

My whole week could probably be summed up in being rough. One day I was feeling particularly grumpy and was sitting there, stewing in my grumpiness and growing more frustrated as I stewed. But then I was like wait a second… this is not what I am called to. I am called to be a woman of joy. By the grace of God I remembered the importance of giving thanks. When we are grumpy that’s a choice, there is also joy around us, but we have to choose to see the joy. So I stopped, and I named some of the things I was thankful for and immediately felt the weight lift off my chest.

There is great power in choosing joy and in choosing to give thanks. by choosing gratitude, choosing to give thanks we claim the gifts of God around us. As we approach thanksgiving, I encourage you to claim the things you’re grateful for now, but to also claim them throughout the year. Because by giving thanks we are able to be a people of joy. By choosing gratitude we choose a way of life.





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  1. I hope this week will be better! Only a couple more semesters and we’ll get there. You’ll make it!

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