The Power of a Haircut

Last Thursday I got a hair cut. I was inspired by something I saw on pinterest and so I made appointment to get my hair cut because I wanted bangs. On Sunday I went shopping with a dear friend and as we were trying on dresses I looked in the mirror and I felt BEAUTIFUL!


Well when I got my hair cut it was on a night when I was going to see a lot of my friends and they all were complimenting it and petting my hair and it was glorious.

I. loved. every. second. of. it. (but that’s probably because I am a physical touch person)

I got the dead ends cut off. I got bangs. My hair had a shape again and framed my face. And it was so soft. I really needed a hair cut, but didn’t realize how much I needed it until after I got it.


From pinterest

y was the first time I styled my hair myself since I got it cut. And as I was trying on these new dresses and looking at myself in the mirror I was able to see beauty. I could see the beauty of God within myself. I felt beautiful. And because of that I was confidant. But the thing was I knew it was fruit of taking care of myself (i.e. getting my hair cut).

In my nursing program there is a heavy emphasis on self-care, which I am learning to highly appreciate as I go through my psych-mental health nursing class and learn about what can happen our stressors build up and we fail to have healthy ways to deal with it.

In my faith I’ve learned that we can’t love people well if we aren’t caring for ourselves. The cliche of that is if you don’t love yourself you can’t love others… That’s not my favorite way of putting it, but there’s some truth to it…I’ll leave that bandwagon for another day.

The power of a haircut — to me, it was an act of self-care. It was something I did purely for myself. And I have seen the fruit of it, but I think the people around me have seen it too. I say that based on the different comments and compliments I’ve gotten. Some were specific to my hair, but many were to me as a whole person.

By taking care of myself, I set myself up to be able to care for others. So this week, though we’re approaching midterms in school, and we’ve completed 1 week of lent I encourage to pick one way this week that you’re going to care for yourself. Get your hair cut, do something you love- draw, paint, color, run, write, read… whatever it may be, whatever you need to do for you. Do something that you WANT to do that will be restorative, that will make you feel good. Do something this week to love yourself so you can better love others (and yourself)!

And here’s a picture of me with my new hair cut in case you were curious 🙂

This is me (polka dots) with Julia, the young woman I am sponsoring to enter the Catholic church this Easter! 



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  1. I thought it was just shorter because it was curled. Sorry I suck. But you look fabulous! And I’m glad you got to see the beautiful person we all see!


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