The Power of Commitment

Almost 2 weeks ago I decided to join a gym, right… on a whim. I woke up with yet another headache, I’d slept like 9+ hrs and still felt exhausted, the list goes on. I was sick of feeling lethargic and groggy, and I knew that what needed to change was exercise, so I started researching gyms. I thought that maybe having a gym membership that I’m paying for would motivate me to workout more. So far, that’s proven itself to be true… But there’s more to it than that.

When I searching around on the google machine I knew I wanted the gym I picked to have certain things – I wanted to have classes as an option, that was specifically what I was looking for. So I found this gym called GoFitness. They are 3 miles from my house (which takes ~10 mins to get to in the city). They have classes included in your membership. They have 6 SmartStart training session that teach you how to use the different stuff in the gym and teach you basically how to workout, and there’s a month coaching/training session included as well.

This week I’m on spring break, and what I really wanted to do was lay in my bed all day and do nothing… However, I had made an appointment to meet with my trainer (today I had an appt at 815 am!) . I’ve completed 3 of my smart start sessions and did my February coaching session. And to be totally honest, the only reason I’ve gone to the gym as much as I have the 2ish weeks is because I had appointments with my trainer that I “had” to go to. I’d committed to them, so I had to be there. And because I’m working out I’ve been eating better, and since I’m doing something other than just running different parts of my body are getting stronger (and sorer too). But the thing is I committed to it. I committed to paying a set amount each month to have access to a gym, so that way on the days that it’s gross outside but I want to workout, I have somewhere to go. So moral of the story, I committed, and because I committed I’m making lifestyle changes. Because I committed I’m working out and because I’m working out I sleep better, eat better, feel better, and overall have more energy.

This is one glory story in my life of the power of commitment. I’m also committed to a small group of women (there are 5 of us) and we meet every other week to talk about what the Lord’s doing in our life, the changes we’re making or we want to make, our lenten commitments, etc. This small group gives accountability, just like my appointments with my trainer, and honestly every employee I’ve met at the gym the so far.

The reason I wanted to write about this is because our generation, the millennial generation tends to have a hard time making commitments (I know this is a generalized statement, hear me out). A lot of times we fear making a commitment because we fear closing that door, and we’re afraid we’re going to miss out on some other “better” opportunity. But commitment is so good.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with different women in my life about commitment. One girl is afraid of making commitments because she’s afraid she’s going to miss out on something. Another girl has avoided long term commitment for most of her life just because it terrifies her that much. These are just 2 examples that I can think of off the top of my head. But in both of these conversations I encouraged the women to make the commitment, and to show up. When it comes to job hunting, if it’s not the right fit or the right job that door is going to close. If it’s some service opportunity, or a small group, or I don’t know some other scary thing because it binds you to something for  a period of time, give it a shot. I wouldn’t necessarily encourage diving in head first to the deep end. Start with something small, but be all in to whatever you’re doing. I look for the fruit.

So yeah, commitment is scary, and it’s definitely not easy but it’s worth it. Let’s go against the grain, let’s be a little counter cultural and make a commitment. Maybe you have been half-in for you lenten promise, choose to be all in now (we just started the 3rd week of lent, there’s still time to do better). Maybe you’ve been invited to be a bible study leader, or a student missionary, or to be a part of an intentional small group and the only thing holding you back is fear of commitment, take that risk, make that sacrifice (as commitment often require sacrifice, like this morning I sacrificed sleeping in to keep my commitment) commit and see the fruit.

Take a risk and make a commitment to yourself, to God, to other men or women in your life and look for the fruit. What are you going to commit to? (comment if you’d like! I’d love to hear ways people want to commit).

I’m going to re-commit to my lenten promise, and make sure I’m making that extra time for God!

And I’m going to make a workout plan to help me keep using that gym membership I’m paying for!


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