So You’re Sucking at Lent


Last year during lent I went to a conference, and I remember the weekend starting off the speaker for the weekend talking about sucking at lent and I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but I had a hard time relating/understanding because up until this year I’ve had pretty good lents (mind you I’ve only been doing this lent thing since 2009). Lent usually has been a time I was excited for, and a time of a lot of growth.

This year, I get what that guy was talking about! First of all lent snuck up on me. I was really unsure what I wanted to do for lent. Actually, I just didn’t want to do lent yet. I wanted like 2 more weeks, then I could “lent”. So I came up with a smorgasbord of things I was going to do for lent, but there was one thing I was sure that I was going to do.

Back in December my roommate made a comment to me “you sure do like your netflix”.
Ugh, gut punch… I don’t want people to look at my life and say man, you sure do like your netflix. I want people to look at my life and say man, that girl sure loves Jesus. So as lent rolled around I knew I was going to be giving up netflix in some capacity. However, I don’t like just going cold turkey on things, I want what I choose to do in lent to make a lasting impact on my life, so instead of cutting netflix out completely I put a limiter on how much television I’m allowed to watch in a given day, and that specific thing has been really good and really helpful. However, the reason I needed to give up netflix is because I needed to make more time for God. I realized today that yes, I’ve done a decent job controlling my television watching, however, the time that was being used to watch netflix has been hard to use well.

I was waiting in line for confession today and used that time to reflect on life, on my sins, on things I need to do better and ways to do that. As I was reflecting I realized that I’ve been filling my time with lots of doing, and I’ve been really bad at just being with the Lord. And I’ve been really bad at doing things just to do things because I’m not able to watch netflix. And the real kicker is I realized that though I’ve done decent at my specific promise, I’ve been filling that time with other forms of media, like scrolling facebook and pinterest excessively.

Okay, so I’m sucking at lent, so what?

Well there’s good news! It’s only the start of the 3rd week of lent, so I’m going to recommit and make a more concrete plan for my days and my weeks so that I’m not getting lost on facebook and missing that time to do some spiritual reading in my day. So even if you’re sucking at lent so far, there’s still plenty of lent left! Take the time to fine-tune your lenten promise, jump back on the horse and give it the ole college try once more. And know the Father forgives you and is not mad or disappointed in you, that He is merciful and wants only to know you more and to reveal more of himself to you!


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