The Gift of Sisterhood


Last night something crazy happened. I’m not ready to disclose what it is, but trust me, it’s wild…wild good. But of course the first thing I did was text my girlfriends freaking out. And each one of them responded with encouragement, with support, with prayer, with love. I was overwhelmed by my sisters in that moment.

For all of college, and probably before, my mentors, my slightly older friends have told me to embrace the time I have now as a single, to dive deep into sisterhood with the women in my life. This time is a blessed time. It is a gift. It is good. Invest in your relationship with the Lord and with other women in your life.

This crazy awesome thing happened and what’s the first thing I do? Reach out to my sisters. I was able to reach out to these women who know me.

Women who know my heart, my desires, my struggles, and my joys. Women who know how to love me well. Women who never fail to remind me that I matter. Women who can tell over a vague text message what I am feeling. 

What a blessed gift this is! So as we so often sit frustrated that we are single, stewing in loneliness, allowing it to make us bitter, I challenge you to embrace sisterhood.

It’s rather humbling to write this post(because I struggle with this so so very much). Truly, our sisters, the women in our lives are the biggest blessings God could have ever given us.

So tonight, I encourage you to embrace the women and the relationships in your life. Because these women will show up for you in the way you need them to, they will love you in the way you need to be loved. Invest yourself here, and rejoice in the gift that sisterhood is! IMG_313414619_483674001788111_7078678894483654068_n11046733_10200236222744959_2653429893960822927_n11109445_10205205420707388_224290568204598832_n12106910_10206326131485576_5462572996076682339_nIMG_3607IMG_3648IMG_3986IMG_4732IMG_4854IMG_5013IMG_5054




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  1. I don’t need to know yet, but I really hope it’s what we discussed and there’s a trip this summer with your name on it! ❤


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