I thirst…

There is a quote by Bl Mother Teresa that I absolutely love:

Until you know deep inside that Jesus thirsts for you – you cannot begin to know who He wants to be for you or who He wants YOU to be for Him. 

Earlier this week a friend came to me because she had recently gone through a traumatic experience. It’s not my story or my place to tell what happened to her. But my heart broke for her. One important thing to note about me is that all I do, I do with my whole heart. The good and beautiful things in this world cause me unsurpassable joy. The bad, the hard, the ugly, sad things that happen in this world leave weeping at the cross, as my heart aches for the children of God wounded by the darkness of this world. When this sister came to me it weighed heavy on my heart.

Thursday morning, the day after she told me, I woke up with this still weighing heavy on my heart. I sat before the crucifix that morning crying because my heart hurt and that was the only way I could pray. But what was beautiful was that as I reflected on my heart aching and on the cross I realized that if my heart aches so much for this sister of mine, then how much more must Jesus heart ache and burn and thirst for each of us, his children! We are so near and dear to His heart, and He only desires to satisfy us! With this realization I only fell more in love with our Lord, who loves us so much.

Later that afternoon I was talking to a woman who is a little older and a little wiser and who would have resources for me if I needed them for this sister of mine. I was sharing with her my reflection on Jesus thirst for each of His children and she looks me and says “Amber, you are right, that Jesus aches for us, but not only does his heart ache for us, but with us. Your heart is not the only one breaking and aching in this situation. Jesus enters into our suffering, that is why we have the Triduum, that is why we remember His passion.”

Ahh whatt —- not only does Jesus thirst for us, but He thirst for us because he suffers with us. He is the only one who can truly satisfy. He is the only one who can truly console us. He knows our suffering for He endured our suffering! How great is our God! How great is His love for us.

On Good Friday I was praying a seven sorrows rosary and reading a meditation with each one and in one meditation it talked about how as Jesus was physically crucified Mary’s heart was spiritually crucified. Think of the agony of a mother losing her son, watching him.And the son isn’t just dying a natural death but is being brutally crucified.But that son is Jesus and that mother is Mary.  And thinking about the sorrow of our Mother’s heart, I realized that as my heart was aching not only was Jesus heart aching with mine, but Mary’s was too!

My Lord and my God – mercy. Mercy is taking any situation and bringing good out of it. The situation my sister was placed in is awful and no person deserves it, but the reality is it happened, and she came to me for love and for support. The Lord has already brought so  much good from this — for me: in deepening my trust in His plan for my life, in deepening the reality and the depth in which Jesus thirsts for each of us children, in teaching me there is no need for despair for my God has not abandoned me, but is suffering alongside me, as is His mother. AND … and that He is victorious. His victory is the reason we celebrate Easter.

Thanks be to God for He thirsts for us!

Brothers and sisters, as we enter into the Easter Season tonight with the vigil mass, I pray that our hearts may thirst evermore and evermore for Jesus, and Jesus alone. I pray that we may drink of the water He offers the woman at the well, that a wellspring of water may rise up within us and never run dry. That we may cling to our Lord and rejoice in His VICTORY this Easter. For He conquered sin and death. He is our VICTORIOUS KING!  And He thirsts for us to know Him and to Love Him.


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