Fiat – “be it done unto me according to thy word.” 

This is Mary’s yes, which we celebrate today (since the actual Annunciation and Good Friday fell on the same day).

Fiat. This has been the theme of this year for me. Starting back in August, fiat became the word I utter a thousand times over, despite not fully knowing what the Lord is asking of me, but desiring to do His will and trusting His promise and His plan for my life.

The first 3 months of 2016 have proved to be challenging. With daily anxiety attacks and monthly panic attacks in January. My car getting hit and a fraud attempt on my bank account in February. One of my closest and dearest friends being… wounded (we’ll say, for it’s not my story to tell) and it greatly affecting me (I had recurring nightmares for a week and didn’t sleep). Going on a first date where the guy didn’t pay, and going on another first date where it went well, but having to play a waiting game. And anxiety building back up through the month of March. To now entering my “busy” season also known as April, the month from hell.

Basically, it has been a rough go round. I was talking to my mom about all this semi-recently and she said “you have been having a hard time, haven’t you?” Where I proceeded to respond with a whimpering “yeahh.. and get teary-eyed”

BUT despite all these challenges, all these frustrations, this hard time, I know Mary has been close to me. Each time I ended up finding myself saying “okay, be it done unto me” or “fiat. fiat. fiat.”

Mary said yes, knowing her heart would be pierced. She handed her heart to the Lord and said “do with me as you wish, all I am is yours.” Maybe you’re in a similar boat to me, or maybe you have had a fantastic 2016 and it seems all is falling into place, or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Wherever you may be, I encourage you to turn to our Lady. She wants to obtain for us great graces. She wants to intercede for us. She wants to help us to follow God’s will for our lives.

In the times where I have allowed Mary’s fiat to help me give my own fiat, they have been times of great grace, great joy, great growth. So may we use this feast of the Annunciation to say yes as Mary did, to strengthen us to say yes to the good things that maybe scare us a little.


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