The Battle of Self-Worth


“what I have to say isn’t important”
Somebody is going to say it better than me”
“Nobody is going to listen to me”
“No one hears me when I talk, what’s the point”
“I don’t know anything”

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. In 48 hours I had 2 lengthy conversations with 2 women in my life where these were things they said to me. There are women in my life with whom I regularly have conversations like these – where they are struggling so much to understand why some else would ask their opinion or advice. And every time it breaks my heart. I wish I could express to each woman, each man on this earth how much inherit worth and value they have just because of their personhood… because they are a child of God.. because they were created in His image and likeness.

I have to admit though, that I am not immune to this battle, which maybe is why it breaks my heart so much each time I have these conversations. My all-time low regarding my self-worth was in high school, where I found myself wondering if people would notice if I were gone… which thankfully I worked through, but it was a dark time in my life. And well, I didn’t think what I thought or had to say was important. I struggled to see my purpose in this world. I didn’t think people wanted to hear what I had to say.

c508f1167eba583c267507cad55072afBut what I’m learning (yes, I’m still learning) is that each of us has a unique perspective to offer the world. We don’t need more Amber’s in the world, we need a Maria, a Catie, a Jillian, a Joe, a Gene, a Kelly, a Victoria, a *insert name.

We are each needed in this world, with the unique set of gifts and talents we have to offer. So despite what you may think, or may feel, you do matter. You are important. You matter. Your opinion matters. Your friends wouldn’t ask for your advice if they didn’t think what you had to say was important.

I’m a girl who grew up on 10 acres of property with woods and a pond in the back yard, I’m 1 of 4 siblings and the only girl. I’m spoiled rotten, and I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m the biggest daddy’s girl. I have a huge heart, that 90% of the time takes me by surprise just how much I can care for people. I lived with a chronic migraine for 6 mos. When I graduate it will have taken me 5.5 years to get my Bachelor’s Degree… All of that creates a unique perspective that I can offer the world, that no one else I know can. And that is an amazing thing.

Our life experiences, our environment, our community, our education — all these things shape us to be the people we are. Because each of us have different life experiences we have different perspectives to offer to the world and to the people in our lives.

I know reading a blog post about this isn’t going to change your world or change your life or perspective, but hopefully it will get your brain wheels turning. I hope that you can come to know, realize, understand that you, as you are, are an amazing person. I pray that you continue to fight and to battle and to learn and grow. I pray that you can become the man or woman God has created you to be. I pray that you become more of YOU. I pray that you may recognize your infinite value and worth as a person. I hope that you remember that you matter, you are important, your opinion matters. e6992cd9b0a6175a8405793529b5d872


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