Trust Your Heart…

I’m one of those people who is constantly drinking in the world around me. I observe the tiniest of details. I’m realizing that I have this ability to learn something from every experience of life. If you regularly read/follow my blog you know that I had quite the rough day yesterday. Realizing my weakness, my misery, as St. Faustina would say. But I’m learning that bad days are an okay thing. We’re all going to have bad days, and it’s better to just let the tears come and feel the feelings you’re having. God gave us emotions for a reason… we just have to learn to navigate the waters.

Tonight I decided I wanted to watch a movie and settled on Charlie St. Cloud. I’d heard it was a good movie, but couldn’t remember anything about it. It was a really good movie. And there was a quote of E.E. Cummings said a couple times in the movie that caught my attention, and that’s what I want to talk about tonight.


Trust your heart — despite struggling to believe that God would choose to make his dwelling place within me, and that He makes me worthy. I do know, most days, that it’s my heart that makes me beautiful. I have a heart of gold, or so I’m told.

But I really liked this because if God is in my heart, and I am giving my day each day, then He is guiding me, guiding my heart, so I can trust that following my heart, in this sense, is following God.

If the seas catch fire — this line makes me think of the chaos of life. When the bad days, the hard days hit… when you feel like you’re drowning, keep trusting your heart, keep trusting the Lord, His love is going to carry you through.

Live by love — God is love. Live by this love. In the Gospel Jesus gives us the commandment “Love one another as I have loved you”. God freely chose to die on the cross for the salvation of our souls. Despite how we may be feeling, God, the Father of all, is carrying us through.

When you’re having one of those days where your every fault weighs you down, when you feel like you’ve been stuck in limbo for decades and your life isn’t moving forward, when you are questioning your purpose in life — remember your only purpose, your only reason to get out of bed each day is glorify God. The entire purpose of our lives is to live out the Gospel, and by doing so, we glorify God. How great a gift is this?!

Trust your heart, or rather, trust He who dwells in your heart, and trust He is guiding  you every step of the way. The bad days are teaching something, despite how hard they are, they are often time of great growth.


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  1. stephbradburn says:

    Beautiful writing!! “despite struggling to believe that God would choose to make his dwelling place within me, and that He makes me worthy.” … I can totally relate to this but absolutely fall over with joy when I get it. Keep writing you have powerful voice and it is golden ….just like your heart 😉

    Peace to you,

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  2. I always “walk” away from your posts with a renewed sense of “right”.

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