I couldn’t quite tell what exactly inspired this thought or this post. I read an article earlier this week talking about. I was thinking about the women who I will be graduating with in a few months. I was thinking about the people of my generation and the way we are. And I was thinking about the crap that this generation gets. It’s said we’re lazy, and lack work ethic, life has been handed to us, we’re overly sensitive, we’re disrespectful and rude, etc. I could go on, but those are the biggies, and the ones that get under my skin.. and I am sick of it, sick of the negative generalizations of this generation.

Now maybe, maybe I live in a bubble and see a small select portion of my generation. But the millennials I know work hard. Most of my friends who graduated in May work full time. Some of them work full time as missionaries and others work full time using they’re Bachelor’s degree. Most of them work 50 hrs a week, including my friends who are missionaries (they’re work doesn’t look like an M-F 9-5, but they put in more work than anyone ever realizes).

But I digress, I think the difference between this generation, my generation, is we fight for what we believe in. We stand up for ourselves. I know the lazy ones exist, the ones who struggle to get a job, but why is there so much focus on them? Why are we so focused on the negative aspects of this group of people? We should be building one another up. We will be more successful by having support from the people we look to – our parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, etc.

And I think the other thing we forget is that in the generation our parents grew up in, so our grandparents – divorce was rare. Our parents grew up in a generation where both parents were in the home, where they didn’t run away when the good happy feeling of marriage and love dissipated, but they fought for it.

However, millennials grew up in a generation where it’s common for parents to get divorced. Now this is not meant to pass judgment on someone’s divorce. I wouldn’t exist if my mom hadn’t been divorced from her first husband and married my dad. But what I want to get at is that divorce has an effect on the kids. Kids live with one parent during the week and spend every other weekend with so and so. Do we really think that’s good for those kids? Do we really think that didn’t have an impact on this generation? We grew up raised in a world where it was okay to “give up” because it didn’t feel good anymore.

But I also think good came from that because it taught is to now start fighting for what we believe in. Why do you think there are people fighting for gay rights? Or that abortion is such a hot topic? Or animal rights? Or mental health? Or human dignity? Or rape culture?We see these things and we fight. We advocate for taking care of ourselves, mind, body and soul because we have had enough and we have seen enough. Think of how many celebrities have committed suicide, and those are just the ones we hear about. What about all the “normal” people who commit suicide every day that we don’t ever hear about…

Next time, before you pass judgement on someone – lazy, overly sensitive, or seemingly disrespectful, don’t say “it just because they’re a millennial”. I know far too many millennials who work their butts off just trying to make in this world. Who instead of suppressing their feelings or emotions and ending up suicidal talk about what they’re going through and learn how to deal.  Who work and go to school and are involved socially at school because that will help you get a job when you graduate college… Who are just trying to figure this life out. That’s all we’re trying to do. We’re working hard, fighting for what we believe in, doing what we’re passionate about, and trying to live lives of purpose.



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