A Change in Mission

This semester has been – hmm – insane. It’s been so good. I love my clinical. I don’t mind class (maybe my perspective skewed because graduation is less than 50 days away so I don’t care all too much). I love my preceptor. But it has been busy, so busy and so hard in different ways. Realizing just how little I know and how much I have to learn. Realizing my weaknesses and my strengths. Learning to say no. Rediscovering who I am… the classes I’m taking this semester are really meant to help us transition into the real world, especially the real world of nursing. And let me tell you – I’m learning so much about myself and it’s challenging and amazing and terrifying and beautiful.

14691023_10202763054953378_2778487130367491018_nBut I digress… Friday night some of my friends hosted a 1920’s themed party and it was quite wonderful! And at one point I was catching up with one of my friends and naturally I was talking about the hospital because I’m spending at least 12 hrs a week there right now anyway. And my he made a comment “wow our lives our so different. Mine is so mission focused” And I stopped him after that because I was like no, no no no. Our missions just look different.
My mission isn’t organizing events. My mission isn’t meeting for coffee on a weekly basis with a woman. My mission isn’t leading a small group. My mission isn’t directly working with people on their relationship with the Lord.

But just because my life doesn’t look like what I’ve experienced for 5 years as mission doesn’t mean I’m not living a life of mission, on mission. My mission is caring for the poorest of the poor – the physically infirm. I went to confession today and the priest talked about Mother Teresa and how she sought Jesus in the Eucharist and then she went to Jesus in the poorest of the poor. And the priest pointed out how as a nurse we have the privilege of that special mission. Of getting to see and treat our patients as people, treat them as the sons and daughters of God that they are, treat them as if they are Jesus.

So my mission, per say, looks quite different than it did a year ago. But it’s a beautiful mission. And I had a couple of really good patients the other day, but there was one that truly reminded me why I picked nursing and I want to share a story –

The patient was in a lot of pain and we were still in the process of running diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the pain. We had given her pain meds, but she was still pretty uncomfortable. I couldn’t really give her anymore pain meds at that point but I could help position her more comfortably. So we sat the bed up more. And I repositioned her blankets and I hunted down a pillow. And did non-pharmacological interventions to comfort my patient and answered her questions to the best of my ability. And my patient was more comfortable, but more so she thanked me for taking time to make her more comfortable. It reminded me that a caring touch can make all the difference in the world when someone is experiencing a lot of pain. And as a nurse, I get to be the one who can give that caring touch.

And as I mentioned this semester has been challenging in so many ways, one of which being the reality that my mission doesn’t look like it once did and that’s a beautiful thing. Realizing that my mission field has changed is such a beautiful thing, a beautiful step in this transition.

494455cce934609c8481fdcb53c6cde5May we remember this week to be where our feet are, to bloom where we are planted. May we remember that the Lord wants to use us as His instruments where He has placed us.


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  1. Kimmy's Joyful Kitchen says:

    Beautiful. I love reading your blogs Amber! Always, very real, vulnerable and beautiful.

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