These Hands

img_6136A couple weeks ago I found myself thinking about all these hands have done in my short 23 years of life. I was largely reflecting on the work they’ve done in the hospital.
These hands have done chest compressions trying to save a life
These hands have wiped tears while patients cried
They have rubbed shoulders of patients who are anxious
They have held hands during scary and uncomfortable moments
They have been coated in hand sanitizer in and out of every room
They have wiped poop
They have wiped vomit
These hands have controlled needles and held steady as IVs are started and medications are given.
These hands have brushed hair out of a face.
These hands have re-oriented a patient to where they are.
These hands have collected urine and blood to determine what might be wrong with patients.
These hands…these hands have done so much, felt so much and have so much more to see, to do. But I think what strikes me the most tonight that it is not me who does this work but Christ who does this work through me.

What we need is to love without getting tired. Loving must be as normal to us as living and breathing, day after day until our death.
-St Mother Teresa

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