Wishing for Better

As we near the end of the year, I keep seeing these things on facebook saying something to the effect of “I hope 2017 is better img_6165than 2016″. And to be totally honest those kinda things frustrate me so much!

There seems to be this perception that life is supposed to be all rainbows and butterflies and we’re never supposed to experience pain or hard ship. However, if there’s one thing I have learned this year, actually more of this semester  – it’s that life is hard and there will be pain and you just have to learn how to deal. Things in life don’t always go as planned. People die unexpectedly. Something is harder than you expect it to be. Close friends get jobs out of state and move far far away. You’ll miss how it used to be.

But I think what we need is a perspective shift. Instead of focusing on all the shitty stuff that happened in the year of 2016, let’s think about the good stuff. Life is going to be painful. It’s going to be hard. The trials mean we’re alive. They mean we have a life, that we care about something, about someone greater than ourselves. So often the trials we face are growing pains.

And so I’m going to list some of the big things I’m thankful for over the year of 2016, and I want to invite you to join me!

  1. getting to graduate college
  2. being offered a full-time RN position in the Emergency Department at Riverside
  3. One of my best friends having one of the cutest babies ever
  4. 2 of my best friends getting married to the loves of their lives.
  5. watching my friends graduate college and grow into amazing young men and women
  6. learning to say no to things
  7. joining a gym and making my self-care a priority
  8. getting off my headache medication
  9. having an amazing preceptor who took the time to teach me and invest in my education
  10. a new to me car

One Comment Add yours

  1. Perspective is a super important thing. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of doom and gloom, but ultimately I think it’s great to hope for brighter things ahead as well-so long as you’re actively making choices to achieve that happiness. ❤


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