The Need for Confession

As a convert to Catholicism I quickly learned that I had a greater knowledge base than a cradle Catholic because of going through RCIA and getting foundational faith teachings at a mature age, and because I was choosing the faith I think I was probably more willing to learn.. And most of the church teachings made sense to me, I saw they were good. But lately I’ve been struggling a little with the sacrament of reconciliation. Now I’ve been going approximately once a month since I was baptized into the Catholic church, and it’s always been good. But last week I was at a spot where I needed to go to confession, but didn’t really want to or see a need to. I had recognized my sin. Jesus and I had a good chat about it, why did I have to go to a priest and confess my sins too?

Sacramental grace. That’s why – there is an abundance of grace in receiving the sacraments. Grace to keep fighting the good fight. Tuesday this week I  went to confession. I didn’t particularly want to still, but knew I needed to, so I travelled out into the snow and cold and went to confession. And it was totally worth it.

I went into the confessional and knelt down – Father, forgive me for I have sinner it has been 1 month since my last confession. And then I listed the sins. As I listed each one it felt like brick by brick a weight was being lifted off my chest. It was a moment of surrender of trust. I had done this already sitting in my comfy chair in my room the other day, but I still felt the weight of my sinfulness. But going to confession I laid each one of those sins, each one of my bricks at the foot of the cross. I left them with Jesus. AND.. and as you surrender all these things, Jesus, through the priest, has an opportunity to speak to us. And this week He was encouraging — do not be discouraged little one, keep fighting the good fight. 

Lastly, in laying all our sins at the foot of the cross it frees us and strengthens us to keep pressing on. Confession allows us to grow in humility. It opens the doorway for a flood of grace to come rushing in. It strengthens us to continue fighting the good fight. May we seek the Lord with our whole hearts, may we make a room for Him in the Inn of our hearts as we approach this Christmas.

Come to me all who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest 

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