I Feel Pretty 

In this transition to adult life I’ve spent some time evaluating my closet and realized it’s basically leggings, yoga pants, cheap t-shirts and some oversized sweatshirts and cardigans. Very collegey. And I realized I want my wardrobe to become a little more professional, a little more adult. But the thing is every time I go shopping I end up at the t-shirt shelf and athletic clothes.

*Cue face palm*


So I decided to try stitch fix. I’ve heard multiple people talk about how great it is and was like what the heck why not give it a shot. I need a change. I apparently suck at shopping for myself. I needed help.

Today my first box came and it was wonderful. I loved everything that came in it.

So the way it works is you fill out you sizes, your style preferences, you pick and rate some options of outfits. They have this whole process you go through. There’s a spot for you to share a little bit about yourself. With each month there’s an option to send your stylist a note of what you looking for. So for my first stitch fix I told her that I’d really like some nice black dress slacks because it has been something I’ve been wanting for a while.

In each box you get 5 items. I actually loved all 5 of my items, but will only be keeping three of them. Here’s the 3 items I’ll be keeping —


These are the black dress slacks I’ve been looking for. They are comfortable and classy. They are a cut that I love. I can dress them up for church or dress them down to go out with friends.


Next up is this shirt. I love stripes. I would see shirts like this on pinterest ALL the TIME and would look for them in store unable to find them. So I was so excited when I opened up my box to find this shirt. It fit me just right. It’s soooooo soft. And again it’s versatile. I can wear it with my black slacks for church or could wear it with jeans to make it more casual.


And lastly these shoes. Let me tell you. They are so comfortable! I bought similar shoes a little less than a year ago. I’m a frequent wedding go-er and nude shoes are key to any versatile outfit. But the shoes I bought a year ago always made my feet hurt. I would get blisters on my heels whenever I wore them – but they were cute so I rationalized keeping them. As soon as I tried these on I went and threw away my old shoes. These are comfortable and stylish. I

Here’s a picture of me in the pieces I’m keeping img_0061

I can’t wait to see what next month will bring! If you’re thinking you might want to try stitch fix (because it’s awesome, obviously) click here! It’s something you won’t regret!

One of the things that really motivated me with all of this was the importance of treating our bodies like a temple. What we put into it and how we care for it. And I’ve also noticed that when I like my clothes I feel a lot more confidant too.


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  1. Mom says:

    Very nice! I heard about it but did not know anyone that had tried them. How much did it cost?


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