Stitchfix Round 2

My second stitchfix came today! Yayy! It actually came a week later than it was expected because something happened with the original one they sent, so I want to take a second to brag about how awesome they’re customer service was – they caught the error, I didn’t even have to call and ask what was going on, reimbursed me my styling fee, and sent me a new fix that came right away. It was so easy and seamless to work figure out the issue and get me my new stitchfix. Now in this one, I ended up keeping everything, or will be once they send me a new size for the dress. The other cool part about this whole process is my stylist definitely picked items for me that I wouldn’t necessarily pick for myself, but I’m really excited about all of them!

First item is this blue embroidered top. It’s a tank, but has enough coverage I definitely could wear it to church without a cardigan, it’s nice and light so great for spring and summer. I love blue. When I first tried it on I liked it, but decided to try tucking into my jeans, which definitely isn’t a way I would have chosen to wear a shirt in the past, but I really liked it!

Next up would be the jeans, which I’m also wearing in these photos. These were distressed boyfriend jeans. They’re a lighter shade than I normally pick, but i really like them and I like the discreteness of the distress. Also, these are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on. I’ve tried the boyfriend style before but they always had this weird gap and rubbing in my crotch area, but these fit perfectly.

Next up is this blouse. Now, when I opened my box I was pretty apprehensive about this shirt. I would NEVER pick this off the shelf at the store. But I want to be open minded with this so I tried it on. When I first tried it on I still wasn’t in love with it because I felt like the shirt swallowed my up a little bit. And I didn’t love it with the jeans. But then I remembered these cute green pants that I have in my closet and thought a pairing it with a little belt would help give me a waist – low and behold I found an outfit I really started to fall in love with. I think this shirt will have a lot of options and will be fun to experiment with different ways to wear it.


Dress dress dress! I love this dress. I love the floral pattern and the key hole in the front makes me feel really pretty. It’s also a twist on navy which is great because navy is my jam. Unfortunately I will have to wait to wear this one because I had to exchange it for a size smaller, but I’m really excited for this spring/summer dress!

And last but not least this green cargo coat. Now, one of these came in my last fix, but I ended up returning it because of a sizing error, but I told my stylist that I really wanted one so she sent me a new one and I absolutely love it! It’s going to be great for rainy spring days and chilly fall days and even cool summer nights I bet this guy will come in handy. So I guess you could say stitchfix is pretty great. All I have to do is pin stuff on my style board on pinterest and the rest gets shipped to my house! If you’re thinking you want to give it a try click here



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