You Are Enough


Yesterday, in my attempt to sleep before going into work (i’m on night shift), I was scrolling through facebook and saw a picture of friend whom I’ve known since she was in diapers. I know this particular person has struggled a lot with insecurity, with self consciousness, as so many women do. As I looked at this picture though I thought to myself, wow, she is beautiful, and she really has grown into an amazing young woman. I hope she knows how amazing she is. And as I continued to scroll social media for the morning I saw a mom friend post a picture where in her caption she said something to the effect of how she loved the way her husband and baby looked in the picture but it was the least favorite one of herself, and I found myself thinking, but she looks so joyful, I could tell by that picture that woman knew she was blessed by her life.

As a woman who has struggled extensively with insecurity, who wonders if she’ll ever be good enough, I could only find myself thinking today how I wish, how I hope these women know just how amazing they are.

e973e8a29d863b2f6eca71d65739af01So to all the ladies out there struggling today, I hope you know you are loved. I hope you know you are beautiful just the way you are – every curve, every stretch mark, every wrinkle, every freckle – just as you are, you are amazing. As women we have a unique opportunity and way in which we can offer compassion, mercy, kindness, gentleness and love to the world. Don’t forget that you offer something special to this world. Your kind heart is a good thing. Feeling like you care too much is a good thing, we need more people like you in this world. And maybe, maybe I need to hear this more than somebody else reading it, but I can also tell you I’m not so good at taking my own advice.

So, dear girl, broken down and trotted on by this world, know that you’re beautiful just the way you are. You are strong and capable. You have amazing powers to effect change in this world, if only you would allow yourself to see how good you really are. Open your heart, open your mind to see the good within you, and the good you get to offer to the world and to the people around you. And know that you.are.enough. 



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  1. GodGirl says:

    Great words. So true, and so encouraging! We can be very hard on ourselves, and tend to forget that God delights in us just as we are.


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